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The art of computer programming is knowing when not to program. If someone else has invested the time and is willing to share their  knowledge, it is in the best interest of everyone to not rewrite anything from scratch. Coding is not a time consuming process. Testing the code and making sure it fits the clients needs is what separates a good software company from a bad one.

We try and deal with Open Source code as much as possible. Very often a manufacturer's software application will limit any customization. Open Source code grants us complete control over any project. Choosing which Open Source software to use involves many factors:

  • Has the public had access to the code for a period of time?
  • Does it conform to current programming standards?
  • Is the code in a popular programming language?
  • Does the company have a popular online developer's forum for developers to share knowledge and get help if something goes wrong (which it always does)?
  • Do they have periodic updates to their product?

 All these factors play into account which is why we try and stick to coding platforms that are popular by most developers.

We charge reasonable hourly rates with bulk discounts or we can quote you a price. See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 302-0662 or Contact Us.

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QuickBooks Cheese Distributor

This custom app makes up for a couple of shortcomings of QuickBooks: Order Entry and Batch PDF Generation

QuickBooks Miko Mechanical Custom Excel Report

Although QuickBooks has extensive reporting capabilities, Miko Mechanical was in need of some custom work to combine estimates and actual work performed in order to get daily snap shots of how each job was doing. The result is our custom app is the daily creation of Excel Spreadsheets complete with formulas so that Miko Mechanical can easily make necessary adjustments.

QuickBooks Pura Stainless Website Orders Import

A typical request for integrating two mutually exclusive applications is to post orders coming from a website or fulfillment center into QuickBooks.

Screen Scraping for Law Firm

Attorneys can not solicit business from a prospective client if they know that prospective client has already hired an attorney. We wrote a automatic lead generation program for a law firm that scrapes web pages from government county clerk sites that contain foreclosure information looking for prospective clients.
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Text Messaging Rate Plans

We may be able to fully automate sending out text messaging notifications depending upon access to your scheduling database or customer relationship management system. Rates work out to a fraction of a cent per text and a few cents for each picture text.
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