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About Us

Formally The Computer Tailors, Inc.  Why the name change? After 30 years of business we decided to have a new name to reflect that we not only write programs for computers but also for Smartphones and other devices.  We try our best not to "reinvent the wheel". Our goal is to improve upon the software you are already using for your business and create custom apps to have your mutually exclusive business programs "talk" to one another in order to automate your business and reduce the amount of manual data entry.

Our hourly rates start at $100 an hour and go down from there. We prefer projects as apposed to a few hours which usually works out better for both parties.

Custom Apps 360, LLCAlthough we offer our services by the hour, we prefer to establish long term relationships.  As our current client base can attest, we never "handcuff" anyone to our custom programs. We prefer to have all source code on your servers along with documentation on how to modify it.  Of course we would love for you to call us first for modifications, new features, and future projects but, we want you to use us in the future because you want to and not because you have to.  Plus, we will never leave you "high and dry" in the event you prefer to use some other programming company for whatever reason.  We will assist in the transition.

See our rates on our Pricing Page or call us at (561) 852-6508 or Contact Us